How I Compiled My Debut Album Bittersweet

My debut album Bittersweet was released in September of 2018. On it are featured an array of songs that I had been hoarding for the past five or so years.

What took me so long to compile this album you may ask? Well life has a habit of getting in the way when you least expect it. The bulk of my songs were written whilst I was living in Mitcham, London between 2016 and 2017.

I’ve always found London to be very inspiring. There’s just so much going on there and you really have to run to keep up. That kind of energy either makes you or breaks you. In my case I like to think that it accomplished the former.

A few of the songs were written in Basingstoke, that’s right in good ol Hampshire. Having been born in the city (Harare) and having grown up not too far from there (Ashford, Surrey) I’ve always been a city boy but I’d be lying if I said I don’t have a soft spot for the countryside.

Whilst the madness that is London might have sparked a lot of the ideas that make up Bittersweet, Basingstoke allowed them to take shape and solidify into something releasable.

Roots Manuva – Facety (prod. Four Tet) [Single Review]

Roots Manuva is back with a bang.
Roots Manuva is back with a bang.

So Roots Manuva is back with a bang. Calling upon the production talents of Four Tet, Facety is an ambitious song and does not easily fall within the confines of ‘traditional’ Hip Hop; but who’s really making so called traditional Hip Hop these days?

Four Tet is a very diverse individual indeed. Not only is he expected to deliver music under his current moniker, but he also has to think about running his record label Text Records, through which he also releases projects under the pseudonym Percussions. So it begs the question; when does he actually find the time to pull off something like this?