Quick Mixing Tip: Low Cut High Cut

There’s nothing worse than struggling with unwanted frequencies at the polar extremities of the audio spectrum. How you structure your mix at the start can save you a lot of headaches later on.

A quick tip to remember when mixing is that the average human (depending on) hears audio from 20Hz up to 20,000Hz. Most people however, can’t hear as low, nor can they hear as high. That’s because audible frequency range for most people tends to diminish with age. When mixing most instruments, apart from the bass or sub bass, simply apply a low cut on the EQ at around 60Hz.

Low Cut 60 Hz Screenshot.png

Applying this low cut will create more space toward the low end of the mix for the bass to come through more audibly. Similarly, you should also apply a high cut on the EQ at around 16000Hz (as illustrated below)toward the high end. This will simply smooth things over toward the high end.

High Cut 16000 Hz Screen Shot.png