THEESatisfaction – EarthEE [Single Review]

THEESatisfaction – EarthEE Album Artwork

EarthEE is a song that draws you in with its spacey pads and tons of reverb. Stasia somehow manages to deliver a performance that is slightly off beat, yet sounds natural. Cat’s vocal performance is very reminiscent of the Neo Soul singers from the late 90s.

This song does not aspire to mirror nor emulate any other sound, but is instead reminiscent of synth-pop. The lyrics cover a wide array of socially charged topics. At one point Cat’s singing “This man of my thoughts, I need all of mine”, the next minute Stasia is rapping “Shit I was raised in the Cadillac, My pretty moms was pro-black”.

THEESatisfaction – Recognition [Single Review]

THEESatisfaction - Earthee album cover
THEESatisfaction – Earthee album cover

Hypnotic is the only word to describe this song, at least before it delves into the more experimental realm. The song begins to the sound of a Zimbabwean mbira (thumb piano).

The vocals of Stasia and Cat chant in tandem, backed by a male voice. The lyrics though repetitive are very catchy and manage to drive the point home. Toward the end of the song is a speech sample. Recognition is in a nutshell, a thought provoking word song.