Rudimental – Home [Album Review]

Home Album Cover
Home Album Cover

Home is a Mercury Prize nominated, MOBO award winning, soundtrack inspiring and career-making album from the Hackney raised quartet. When Kesi Dryden was receiving a earful from his piano tutor for repeatedly forgetting his ‘book of rudiments’, who could have guessed that those moments would lead to one of the twenty-first century’s most eclectic bands.

Right from the get go, Rudimental’s Home manages to achieve a rather mellow vibe, whilst maintaining fluidity. Songs such as “Feel The Love” and “Waiting All Night” satisfy the need to fill that commercial front without ever feeling forced, whereas “Spoons” and “Hell Could Freeze” seem oblivious to such shallow pursuits.

Having featured some eleven different artists, the album is reflective of today’s somewhat splintered music industry. So it’s fitting that such a record would take five different record labels to make, in Black Butter Records and Warner Music UK, but to name a couple.

The album’s original run time of just over fifty six minutes is made even longer by the additional ten songs you get on the deluxe edition available on vinyl. Whilst this might prove to be too long for some, it’s time you won’t even notice due to the album’s listenability.

A cultured blend of different genres such as D&B, Break-beat, Jungle and Soul, amongst a few others, Home seems to achieve an oddly haphazard balance. The end result is a somewhat exhilarating rollercoaster of different influences and musical ideas. Something truly worthy a listen.

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