ILM: Bristol

ILM Kudzai & Betti ILM 3 ILM Kudzai ILM Betti ILM DJ Set 2 We went, we saw and we conquered. Well, sort of. Independent Label Market Bristol was everything we’d envisioned to be. Well, sort of. From the magnificent skyline to the bustling crowds, we enjoyed every bit of this beautiful city. We started our day by meeting the man behind it all, Joe Daniel. He turned out to be as pleasant as he’d come across in our emails. Though it was the usual rough and tumble come mid day, things were off to a fairly slow start. Along with the more well known names such as Ninja Tune and Lex, were some of the beloved local labels, far too many to list. Overall, we had a blast and we’ll certainly be coming back to Bristol.

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Kudzai A. Chisango

I'm full-time dreamer, part time blogger, and an occasional musician. Despite masquerading as fairly put together adult man, I'm actually a shambolic mess teetering on the brink eccentricity. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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