French For Cartridge – Picture Negative [Single Review]

French For Cartridge 45 cover

Spawned from the educational haven that is Goldsmiths, French For Cartridge has garnered favourable reviews in the past. Artrocker previously described the female/ male duo “like Mary Poppins on an acid trip.”

Now biding their time on Dinner With Daisy Records, the  duo has several releases under its belt including 2 albums. Their 2009 release of the OOH! And Picture Negative 45 single gives an interesting glimpse into an act that’s self described as “an attempt to create atonal pop music”.

Picture Negative is a song best described as the sound track to an early nineties romantic comedy. Driven primarily by raw electric guitar riffs, the song has an air of “reminiscence” about it, in a way that it instantly transports you back into the aforementioned era.

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Kudzai A. Chisango

I'm full-time dreamer, part time blogger, and an occasional musician. Despite masquerading as fairly put together adult man, I'm actually a shambolic mess teetering on the brink eccentricity. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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