Boards of Canada – Hi Scores [EP Review]

boards of canada

With nearly 30 years in the music industry, the Scottish brothers known as Boards of Canada have become revered for their ambient music. Hard hitting drums are a present factor in most Boards of Canada releases and the introductory number and the title track Hi Scoresis no exception. With a real break-beat feel to it, the atmospheric and somewhat melancholic pad synthesizer provides a stark contrast.

Turquoise Hexagon Sun showcases a very gradual progression, and ever present is a drum break backed by an eerie pad combination, and interesting is the manner in which it has all been arranged. Whereas, Hi Scores was more formal in its arrangement, Turquiose Hexagon Sun oozes sophistication, with its background chatter samples.

Nlogax paints a different portrait with its use of a more upbeat drum arrangement, textured sounds and countless synth motifs. June 9th is by far the most upbeat song on this EP. Phase effects, synthesizers, and slightly metallic sounding drums provide the most progressive of musical backdrops. Motifs run in tandem whilst seemingly never clashing nor contradicting one another.

Whilst June 9th was more upbeat, Seeya Later is a more a laid back affair. The saturated drum sound gives it an 80s vibe, whilst the pad synths add a sense mystique. Everything You Do Is A Balloon ends the story just as it began, with a great sense of space and ambience.

Hi Scores encapsulates the essence of Boards of Cananda, and as such, is a more than worthwhile investment. In this EP we are treated to a certain degree of variety from ambient arrangements to more upbeat music.

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