Kamasi Washington – Re Run Home [Single Review]

Kamasi Washington - Re Run Home - Artwork
Kamasi Washington – Re Run Home – Artwork

Re Run Home by Kamasi Washington is jazz reinvented for the modern masses and future generations alike. The level of mastery on display here is largely unrivalled and sometimes goes uncelebrated.

Washington’s latest album, The Epic, features a 32-piece orchestra; a 20 strong choir, and it total, 17 songs comprise the album.

The Jazzman who has previously featured on Flying Lotus’s albums Cosmogramma and You’re Dead!, calls upon fellow label mate Thundercat on bass and his brother, Ronald Bruner Jr. on drums.

Re Run Home perfectly encapsulates what Washington and co. are all about, perfectly flawless yet seemingly unrefined compositions teeming with complimentary motifs at every turn.

Published by

Parvenu Digital

Here at Parvenu Digital we are champions of the extraordinary, the odd, and the cutting edge. We’re not claiming to be avant-garde aficionados, whatever on earth that means. But we are promising that we will only ever strive to push the boundaries in each and every single we do. We aim to live, to laugh, and to lead.

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