THEESatisfaction – Recognition [Single Review]

THEESatisfaction - Earthee album cover
THEESatisfaction – Earthee album cover

Hypnotic is the only word to describe this song, at least before it delves into the more experimental realm. The song begins to the sound of a Zimbabwean mbira (thumb piano).

The vocals of Stasia and Cat chant in tandem, backed by a male voice. The lyrics though repetitive are very catchy and manage to drive the point home. Toward the end of the song is a speech sample. Recognition is in a nutshell, a thought provoking word song.

Published by

Kudzai A. Chisango

I'm full-time dreamer, part time blogger, and an occasional musician. Despite masquerading as fairly put together adult man, I'm actually a shambolic mess teetering on the brink eccentricity. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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